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In February 9th 2017, Beijiao New Urban District ETFE steel & membrane Structure Project completion and acceptance completed successfully.


          Foshan Midea Beijiao New Urban District Market Street was located in the south of Midea Road ,north of Tianning Road, west of Torch Road and east of Muhua Road. It covers an area of 58900 square meters ,of which the commercial part of the construction area is more than 10000 square meters. ETFE transparent membrane is used in the middle of the commercial street and PTFE white membrane in both sides.The overall is honeycomb. It  meets the practicality,and at the same time enhances the overall fashion sense of the building. The light tansmittance of the ETFE transparent reached 90% which fully meets the natural daylight to achieve the purpose of the energy conservation and greatly enhance the diversity of the bright night lighting effect.The life of the ETFE membrane is at least 25-35 years,which is the ideal materials for permanent multi-storey movable roof structure.

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