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In July 30th ,The PTFE Membrane Structure Project of Hubei Zhijiang Sports Centre Completion and Acceptance Completed Successfully

         The project of Zhijiang City Sports Center is located at the interchange between Zhijiang City Friendship Avenue and Nangang Road, covering an area of 319 acres, with a total construction area of 36812.15 square meters.

        There are 400 meters standard track and field stadium and  standard soccer field .The stadium is built around the audience area which can accommodate 13096 people.The stands are covered with PTFE membrane material which expands 15,000 square meters.

       For the flexible appearance of the membrane material, creating a new flexible architectural style , and high-performance membrane material with light weight, good mechanical properties and so on.

       Membrane structure makes large span of pillar-free building space possible ,so it is the ideal choice under certain conditions (especially sports buildings, exhibition buildings).

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